5 new Mass Effect poster details you probably missed

A poster released for N7 Day hints at what’s to come.

November 7 was N7 Day, EA’s annual celebration of the Mass Effect series.

To celebrate N7 Day, BioWare shared several Mass Effect Legendary Edition stats and revealed a new poster for the next Mass Effect.

Here are 5 crucial but easy-to-miss details from the poster.

5. A New Ship

The poster features a ship adorned with the letters SFX. This spaceship will probably fill the Normandy’s role and is a reference to the first Mass Effect’s codename during development.

This is a different ship than the “Mud Skipper” featured in 2020’s N7 Day teaser image. Does that mean players will be able to pilot multiple ships in the next Mass Effect?

4. Four-Person Squad

We see four people venturing out from the ship towards a giant crater.

Is this teasing that the next Mass Effect game will increase the Squad size from 3 to 4?

3. The Dead Geth

We see the body of a Geth laying on the ground in the poster.

Fans suspect that the Destroy ending of Mass Effect 3 that would’ve destroyed all remaining Geth is canon. But who is this other dead body?

2. The mysterious crater

The SFX ship landed next to a giant crater with a mysterious object inside.

We don’t know what that object is just yet, but it is likely connected to the Geth and overarching plot of the next Mass Effect.

1. No release date

While the poster says “Mass Effect will continue,” it doesn’t give a date or year for when that will happen.

The new Mass Effect is still several years away. Don’t expect it to come until after BioWare’s next Dragon Age title releases.

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