Exclusive: Last Stop trailer hints at a supernatural serial killer

Where is this supernatural horror going?

Last Stop is a third-person adventure set in modern London where you experience three interconnected supernatural stories about different people.


Like so many of publisher Annapurna’s games, Last Stop puts a lot of emphasis on conversations and decision-making to dictate how the story unfolds.

Inverse can exclusively share the “Stranger Danger” trailer focusing on Donna, a spaced-out high-schooler at the focus of one story who is looking for teenage thrills with her friends.


The trailer opens on Becky, Vivek, and Donna observing a man. Vivek says the man keeps bringing different girls home … “But I’ve not seen one of them leave.”


The trio follow the man to some kind of abandoned pool in an old building where they see a shocking sight...

The man’s eyes glow an eerie green.

After Donna falls trying to capture some video, they have a frightening altercation with the man.


They tie the man up, and he remains quiet ... seemingly for days. But he develops some sort of connection with Donna. He even says that they’re “friends.”


Becky, Vivek, and Donna take turns watching the man, but it seems like Donna will rather quickly have to handle talking to the police.


Other promotional images not included in the trailer reveal that this stranger is some kind of neon green angel being. Donna develops some kind of crush, and it’s unclear if her visions are real or not?

“If you want my help, you only have to ask,” the man ominously says in the trailer’s final scene as he walks around freely.

Watch the “Stranger Danger” trailer in its entirety right here.

Source: Annapurna Interactive

What’s really going on here? Is this man some kind of alien or angel? And how does all of this relate to the other two main stories in the game?

You’ll have to play to find out.

Last Stop will be released on July 22, 2021.

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