Last of Us 2 concept art perfectly captures Ellie's bloody revenge quest

From Jackson to Santa Barbara, this is how Naughty Dog conceptualized Ellie's journey, told via concept art officially posted to ArtStation.

Floren Leburn, Naughty Dog

What starts as a normal patrol ends up as a life-changing event for Ellie.

Richard Lyons, Naughty Dog

After Joel is killed at the hands of Abby, Ellie sets off on a quest for revenge.

Enter Seattle

Ellie journeys from Jackson, Wyoming to Seattle, Washington to find Abby

Concept Artist Eytan Zana, Naughty Dog

Florent Lebrun, Naughty Dog

While trying to find fuel in Seattle, Ellie and Dina enter a synagogue and discuss faith in a post-apocalyptic world

Justin Wentz, Naughty Dog

After a series of near-death experiences, Ellie ventures to a hospital in search of Abby.

The Hospital

Ellie makes her way to the Seattle hospital and starts to lose herself, brutally killing someone to get a lead on Abby's location.

Concept Artist Sebastian Gromann, Naughty Dog

Matteo Marjoram

Ellie ventures to an aquarium to find not Abby, but a pair of her friends.

Abby Vs. Ellie

Abby confronts Ellie at her hideout in an old theater but decides to spare her once again.

Wendy Pham, Naughty Dog
Enter Santa Barbara

Years later, Ellie abandons everyone she loves to track Abby to Santa Barbara.

Aaron Limonick

Environment Artist Adam Littledale, Naughty Dog

Ellie finds Abby being held captive by slavers, and only after one final fight does she finally let Abby go.

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