Lumos! Hogwarts Legacy in 8 magical images

Time to hit the books.

On March 17, Warner Bros. Interactive revealed the first detailed look at Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming RPG set in the Harry Potter universe.

After lengthy delays and amid ongoing controversy surrounding the anti-trans rhetoric of creator J.K. Rowling, the stakes are high.

Here are 8 new images of the upcoming game from State of Play.

Warner Bros. Interactive

“This is the game that [fans] have dreamed of for 20 years,” says Community Manager Chandler Wood.

Warner Bros. Interactive

Time to learn about charms!

Warner Bros. Interactive

The Room of Requirement will allow you to upgrade your gear, brew potions, and harvest plants.

Hogwarts Legacy reportedly features a trans-inclusive character creator, though asks players to choose between “wizard” or “witch” rather than “student.”

Warner Bros. Interactive

“The community is absolutely going to love Hogwarts Legacy,” says Wood.

“We knew it wasn’t going to be enough to stare out the windows of Hogwarts,” says Game Director Alan Tew.

Your Hogwarts adventure will also take you to familiar places like Hogsmeade, as well as never-before-seen areas.

You’ll be able to explore dungeons and open areas — and even potentially embrace the dark arts.

Hogwarts Legacy comes to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in late 2022.

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