God of War Ragnarok’s latest trailer in 10 stunning images

Future’s so bright...

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September 13 was a major day for video game announcements, with a Nintendo Direct in the morning and a State of Play from Sony in the evening. It’s all part of the lead-up to Tokyo Game Show 2022, which runs from September 15-18.

Sony closed out the TGS State of Play with a jaw-dropping new trailer for God of War Ragnarok.

Here are 10 dazzling images from the further adventures of Dad and Boy.

Santa Monica Studio

Kratos restrains a hulking lizard as Atreus lines up a lethal shot.

Santa Monica Studio

Kratos encounters a mysterious underwater entity.

Atreus, flanked by a pair of enormous wolves, likely the mythological figures Skoll and Hati.
Santa Monica Studio

Kratos readies a burly fist toward a subdued foe.

Santa Monica Studio

Atreus deciphers an ancient mural.

Atreus ponders a mysterious object, as the voice of Kratos demands to know “what you will not tell me.”

Santa Monica Studio

The sand-dish puzzles from the 2018 game seem to have gotten a bit of an upgrade for Ragnarok.

Santa Monica Studio

Kratos and Atreus argue, of course, but dad isn’t just angry here — he’s worried. About what?

Santa Monica Studio

Odin taunts Kratos about his past, calling him a “monster who kills without cause.”

Kratos holds Mimir’s head as an enormous jellyfish looms above.

Bonus image! Sony will also release a special-edition DualSense controller to mark the release of God of War Ragnarok. Pretty slick!

God of War Ragnarok comes to PS4 and PS5 on November 9.

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