5 stunning Ghost of Tsushima photos

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Ghost of Tsushima's Photo Mode gave gamers intricate, feature-rich photo mode they can use to capture stunning images of protagonist, Jin Sakai's, epic journey.

Players can pause at any point of the game and add filters, effects, and edit the focus of the most epic moments of their adventure across Tsushima, like an in-game Instagram app.

Here are the 5 best Photo Mode shots Inverse has taken

Francisco, Eric. 'Saddle up, Samurai'. 2020

Senior staff writer Eric Francisco used an iconic poster of 1988 anime film Akira as inspiration.

Paez, Danny. 'Anticipation'. 2020

Francisco, Eric. 'The Clash'. 2020.

Paez, Danny. 'Basking in the Breeze'. 2020.

Francisco, Eric. 'The Ghost's Return'. 2020

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