Ghost of Tsushima concept art finds beauty in destruction

From desolate peaks to scorched plains, this is how Sucker Punch Productions envisioned the 13th Century Mongol invasion of the Island of Tsushima.

John Powell, Senior Concept Artist at Sucker Punch Productions

In 1274, the Mongols invaded Japan for the first time. They landed in Tsushima, where a small number of samurai and residents fought back.

Sucker Punch Productions

Ghost of Tsushima puts gamers in the boots of Jin Sakai, one of the last surviving samurai after the Mongol's initial attack.

Sucker Punch Productions

Jin is forced to abandon the samurai's code of honorable combat if he's to stand a chance against the overwhelming Mongol force.

He'll need to learn the way of The Ghost so he may strike from the shadows.

Sucker Punch Productions

The journey will take Jin across Tsushima's breathtaking landscapes.

Sucker Punch Productions

Will Jin be able to repel the Mongol invaders from his homeland?

Sucker Punch Productions

Start your Ghost of Tsushima journey on July 17, only on PlayStation 4.