15 brilliant and terrifying pieces of Grounded concept art

"Honey! I shrunk the teens!"

Mitch Loidolt

In Grounded, your miniaturized character must survive the perils lurking in a modest patch of grass. It's basically Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the video game.

Art by Mitch Loidolt

This small world is full of big moods. So here are 15 pieces of captivating concept art from the upcoming Xbox game.

Players can assume the role of Max, Pete, Willow, or Hoops.Art by Kaz Aruga
This hyper-stylized early concept art for some of the environments looks like something out of an epic adventure book.Art by Mitch Loidolt
Everyday objects are now massive obstacles for the player. Even a small juice box becomes an important — and massive — landmark.Art by Kaz Aruga
Art by Mitch Loidolt

As a tiny person, how can you reactivate the shrinking laser to get back to your normal size?

Art by Kaz Aruga

A key facet of the experience involves collecting materials and building weapons, armor, and other resources at a makeshift workbench.

Art by Kaz Aruga

Armor, clubs, and even a bow and arrow become staples in your equipment.Art by Ian Randall
Spiders, and the webs they weave, are a major focus of the overall design.Art by Kaz Aruga

The adventure leads to secret labs and involves a scientific conspiracy. Will these kids ever be normal-sized again?

Grounded is now available on Xbox Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass and Steam Early Access for $29.99.

Art by Kaz Aruga