State of Play

Deathloop in 11 mind-bending images and clips

Sony revealed 9 minutes of gameplay during the July 8 State of Play.

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From the makers of the Dishonored series comes Deathloop, where you play as Colt "The Captain" Vahn, an assassin caught in a time loop struggling to break out.


This stylized world is full of threats.

The main goal of Deathloop is to eliminate eight “Visionaries” before the day resets to break the loop.


Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey is one of them, and the State of Play offered a look at one mission where you must crash one of his speeches.


One of your targets, Giuliana, is in the business of trying to kill you first — and she can either be controlled by AI ... or a real player who invades your game.


Telekinetic abilities are a real highlight.


A teleport maneuver lets you survey the area to plan out your attacks.

You’ll have to update your very own Charlie Board to gather information about your targets to improve future loops.


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