First Look

Look: New Dead Space remake features revealed in 4 clips

Our first look at gameplay is extremely promising.



A Dead Space remake was announced in July during EA Play 2021.


On August 31, a livestream showed off some early gameplay from the remake. These 4 features were the highlights of the presentation.

1. It’s all one continuous shot

During the livestream, the developers affirmed that all of Dead Space will be one continuous shot.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

The only other AAA game to pull this off is 2018’s God of War, so EA Motive is definitely setting a high bar for itself.

2. Dismemberment is back and better than ever

When Issac Clarke fights Necromorphs, he will be able to shoot their limbs off and slowly dismember them.




Like Doom Eternal, Dead Space features a detailed gore system where skin, whole limbs, and more will be torn off Necormorphs as players attack them.

3. Players have more control in Zero-G sections

EA Motive reworked these sections, so players have more control over Issac’s movement.




This change allowed EA Motive to paths and challenges to the Zero-G sections.

4. Gunner Wright is voicing Issac Clarke

Protagonist Issac Clarke will have more dialogue in the remake and be portrayed by Gunner Wright, who voiced Issac in Dead Space 2 and 3.

While Issac will speak more, he won’t over-narrate. He’ll only speak when spoken to or when it’d be odd for Issac to stay silent.


The remake looks much better than the original, and those 4 features will make it even better.

Dead Space is currently in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.