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Yahoo! 7 Super Mario enemies cooler than the hero

The best baddies in the Mushroom Kingdom.



No single character represents video games like Mario, but he can’t do it alone. No, we’re not talking about his human (or human-ish) allies. It’s Mario’s enemies that make the games timeless.


Here are the 7 best enemies in the Super Mario series.

7. Hammer Brothers

The Hammer Brothers are an answer to the question, what if turtles could hold hammers? I don’t know who asked that question, but I hate them because the answer is countless extra lives down the drain.


6. Boo

First off, Boo is just cute, and that’s enough to earn a spot on this list. What elevates Boo is their iconic “you can’t see me” routine, where Boo wants to get close to you but can’t stand to be looked at. We feel you, Boo. We really do.


5. Bob-omb

Bob-ombs are the most existentially horrifying enemy in the Mario series, existing only to blow themselves up. Their grim determination makes them memorable as much as their adorable little eyes, and you’ve just got to admire their commitment to the bit.

4. Piranha Plant

We may never know much about the Piranha Plant, like why they live in pipes or who taught them to drive for Mario Kart. They’ve been around since the first Super Mario Bros., growing from a minor nuisance to a full-fledged staple of the series, which is something to be proud of.

3. Chargin’ Chuck

To be honest, the ridiculous name is a big part of why Chargin’ Chuck is a great enemy. The other part is how incongruous and weird this football-pad-wearing monster feels in a game that’s already got sentient bullets and dinosaurs made of lava.

2. Lakitu

Most of Mario’s enemies seem to be motivated by an irrational hatred of plumbers, but for Lakitu, it’s just a job. How do you know? Because Lakitu is just as happy to act as a camera operator or fish your car out of a lake depending on the gig.

1. Chain Chomp

Because being barked at by an angry dog and fearing it might escape its leash is the most relatable experience in a Mario game. And just like those dogs, you have to wonder, is Chain Chomp tied up because it’s angry or angry because it’s tied up? Maybe Chain Chomp is the real victim here.


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