Why gamers adore the 8 most popular villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Out of 397 possible villagers, these are the most beloved.

8. Audie

"She's a blast," wrote Redditor Its_Pine. "She wears a tracksuit in the morning when she does exercise, then a trendy blouse and sunglasses during the day, or a trendy raincoat and bright umbrella in the rain.


7. Judy

"I found Judy, she's such a pure gem. They gave her anime eyes," wrote Redditor pinkastrogrill. "Her furniture [is] so cute [too]. I love [that] all of her stuff [is] pastel colors."


6. Marina

"My favorite is Marina, the little cute pink octopus," said Redditor SpookyFairy. "I like her because she is super cute and easy to get [along] with and she sings beautifully."


5. Beau

"Beau is cute," wrote Redditor talesfromtania. "I planted some flowers outside his house and whenever I walk past he's usually either watering them or studying them with his book."


4. Zucker

"Zucker is my favorite villiager," said an anonymous Redditor. "Octopi are my favorite ocean animal and his lazy personality makes me feel like I could totally hang out with him"


3. Sherb

"He is my everything," said Redditor generalfoolish. "If you haven't yet, give that sweet goat a candy egg, his reaction is precious beyond words."


2. Raymond

"I love Raymond because he's the first and only smug cat villager," wrote Redditor DNAMellieCase. "His different colored eyes are also unique and I think that also makes him extremely popular."


1. Marshal

"His neutral expression looks really mean and any other expression from him is adorable," explained Redditor TornzIP. "It's like talking to a mean looking guy and he immediately strikes you as friendly."