The best part of Dark Season 3 are these 1880s outfits

Netflix's Dark heads to a new era for its 3rd and final season, and the fits are fresher than ever.

Dark has always been one of the best-looking (and most confusing) shows on Netflix.

Dark Season 3 is no exception, but the time travel story ups its production design once again by bringing us to a new era: 1888.

Here are some of the best Victorian era outfits on the show. (Warning! Light spoilers ahead for Dark Season 3, Episode 2.)

Middle-aged Jonas becomes trapped in 1888 after the Season 2 finale.

He's joined by Bartosz Tiedemann, who looks right at home in 1888.

Here's Franziska Doppler in what appears to be a very itchy 1800's sweater.

Martha also gets some 1880s rags to wear after travelling back in time to join her friends.

This guy is actually from the late 1880s, but we can't not comment on his incredible top hat and getup.

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