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3 reasons a Solo show is better than a movie

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Rumor has it Disney is planning to bring back its young Han Solo for a new streaming series.

After Solo star Alden Ehrenreich dropped a few clues in recent interviews, a new report says a Disney+ show could pick up where the movie left off.

Here are three reasons a ‘Solo’ streaming series is a better choice than another movie.

3. Like The Mandalorian, a Solo show could cover way more ground and resolve more loose threads, from the Enfys Nest gang being part of the Rebellion to Darth Maul’s return.

2. Han Solo and Lando meet at least a few more times between Solo and Empire Strikes Back. A new show could reveal their various run-ins.

1. An entire show set during that time period could also introduce new characters, giving fans our deepest look yet into the world of Star Wars smugglers and small-time villainy.

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