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Mandalorian concept art reveals 11 changes to Chapter 12

A behind the scenes looks at "The Siege."


The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4 saw the return of Nevarro, Cara Dune, and Greef Karga, but it also introduced many new elements.

But a closer look at the latest concept art reveals how some of those choices changed during production.

Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann

We're reintroduced to Cara Dune as she brawls with thieves in her new role as Sheriff of Nevarro. It looks like the meerkat/weasel creature she adopts initially had a powerful secret — intense fire breath.

Lucasfilm/Art by Anton Grandert

Nevarro was originally a lot more laid back than the hustle and bustle of a city center we saw on the show, but this exterior still makes an appearance in one of the last scenes with Cara.

Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

This image shows a bustling Nevarro city center at dusk. Was there originally going to be a scene covering the planet's nightlife?

Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

While Mando and his posse take care of an Empire remnant base, Baby Yoda is sent to school. The concept art shows a human teacher, not the female protocol droid we see in Chapter 12.

Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann

Not really interested in studying, Baby Yoda commits some petty Force stealing. But these aren't the bright blue macarons we see him munching on, they appear to be plain brown.

Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

In the concept art, the Nevarro base doesn't appear to be nearly abandoned. Notice how the Trexler Marauder isn't covered up, giving Mando and friends the illusion of an easy mission.

A wider view of the Empire base shows just how impressive Empire defense was. Those cannons look like they'd be more at home on an Imperial Destroyer.Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann

Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

The shadowy figures in these tanks are widely believed to be early prototypes of Snoke, but these figures have bulbous heads, almost like a Cerean like Ki-Adi Mundi.

Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann

We didn't get to see Mando fight while using his jetpack this episode, but according to this image he was initially meant to continue firing even as he flew back to his young charge.

Luckily for Cara, Greef, and Mythrol, this scenario showing both speeders and TIE fighters chasing them didn't make the final cut. They only faced them one by one. Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

The Empire ship shown in the last scene of the episode features an unknown female Moff, but this concept art image shows what looks like droids manning the helm.

Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church