Trailer breakdown

Godzilla vs. Kong trailer reveals the ape's secret weapon

Checkout these thrilling images from the first official trailer.

The first official trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong is finally here, and it's exactly as epic as we hoped.

A little light on plot, it still features plenty of kaiju-vs-kaiju action.

We also got plenty of close-up shows of our two main monsters.

I especially love this one of Godzilla tearing through a neon-lit city at night.
But if you're wondering how an oversized ape can beat a laser-breathing nuclear-fueled dragon, here's your answer...

... with a giant axe.

It's unclear where Kong got this mystical energy-wielding weapon, but we're glad he has it.

We still don't know who will win, but we do know one thing: Don't rule out King Kong.

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