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Amazing Sci-Fi movies you need to watch this summer

Host: Shot and produced in quarantine, Rob Savage’s horror-thriller Host proves again how computer screen movies aren’t just possible, they can be impossibly good. Streaming on Shudder.

Archive: In his debut feature film, director Gavin Rothery serves up an arresting sci-fi thriller about love, loss, and jealousy. Tasked with completing a breakthrough experiment, a roboticist (Theo James) races to his actual secret goal: Reuniting with his dead wife. Streaming on VOD.

Volition: This intricately woven sci-fi thriller follows James, a small-time thug with a unique knack for predicting future events. After many unsuccessful attempts to alter the stubborn course of time, he’s forced to rethink his outlook on life. Streaming on VOD and Amazon.

The Old Guard: A hit superhero movie based on an Image Comics series, Charlize Theron leads a thrilling ensemble action movie about a team of immortal mercenaries who must fight for their own survival. Streaming on Netflix.

The Vast of Night: In this Twilight Zone-esque low-budget thriller, a teenage switchboard operator gets a mysterious call and enlists her radio host classmate to help her discover its origins. Streaming on Amazon Prime.

The Rental: In this indie horror from Dave Franco, making his directorial debut, two couples rent a scenic home for a weekend getaway. But they soon suspect they’re not alone. Are we ever? Streaming on VOD.

An American Pickle: Seth Rogen has great chemistry with...Seth Rogen in this Rip Van Winkle tale of an immigrant from 1916 preserved for 100 years in a vat of pickle brine. Streaming on HBO Max

The Invisible Man: Elizabeth Moss stars as a survivor of domestic abuse who must overcome a daunting challenge even greater than an unseen stalker: Being believed. Streaming on VOD, available on Blu-ray.

Vivarium: Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots reunite in this sci-fi psychological horror as a couple seeking a home become lost in a labyrinthine neighborhood, where they discover their wish for domesticity comes at a great cost. Streaming on Amazon Prime.

Time to Hunt: In a dystopian South Korea, a group of rebellious teenagers carry out a casino heist in order to buy their way to freedom...while being hunted down one by one by a mysterious assassin. Streaming on Netflix.

Code 8: Arrowverse fans reunite with Stephen Amell (Arrow) and Robbie Amell (Upload) in an alternate reality where people with powers are second-class citizens and one aims to use his forbidden gifts to save his mother. Streaming on VOD, Netflix.