Missing Dark? Here are 10 shows to watch

Better than Us: A Russian series that incorporates humanoid robots into everyday life. Streaming on Netflix.


Altered Carbon: An intergalactic world full of classism and rebellion. Streaming on Netflix.

Warrior Nun: This movie adaptation of a comic book follows an orphan who becomes a soldier in a secret society to protect the church. Streaming on Netflix.

The Chalet: A two-timeline-tale full of revenge and murder. Streaming on Netflix.

Stranger Things: A group of teens take on monsters from another world. Streaming on Netflix.


Lost: A group of strangers who survive a plane crash attempt to survive on a deserted island...things get weird. Streaming on Hulu.


Sense8: The lives of 8 strangers are intertwined psychologically and they struggle to find out why. Streaming on Netflix.


The Society: A group of high school students return from a field trip to discover that everyone from their town has vanished. Streaming on Netflix.


Doctor Who: A time-and-space-travelling eccentric humanoid alien fights monsters, solves mysteries, and saves entire worlds with an Earthling companion. Streaming on HBO Max.

BBC America

Ragnarok: Two brothers move to a small town and discover all is not well. Streaming on Netflix.


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