Behold! The first-ever stage adaption of Spirited Away in 10 epic photos

The Studio Ghibli classic comes to life in stunning detail.

Spirited Away is one of the most beloved movies ever made, featuring beautiful hand-drawn Japanese animation and a timeless fairytale story.

But what if you could see it in live-action...?

For the first time ever, that’s exactly what’s happening thanks to a stage adaptation currently touring in Japan. The show features 32 performers and over 50 puppets, and it’s absolutely incredible. Take a look for yourself...

10. No Face looks incredible
(c) Toho Co., Ltd.
9. So does Yubaba
(c) Toho Co., Ltd.

Animated Yubaba for reference.

8. An iconic moment between Chihiro and No Face

(c) Toho Co., Ltd.
7. This puppet mask is amazing
(c) Toho Co., Ltd.
6. The Radish Spirit!
(c) Toho Co., Ltd.

5. Kamaji and Chihiro.

(c) Toho Co., Ltd.
4. Haku in dragon form

(Please note the fly and mouse puppets.)

(c) Toho Co., Ltd.
I love them.
3. Haku’s injury
(c) Toho Co., Ltd.
2. Another shot of Yubaba
(c) Toho Co., Ltd.
1. Chihiro and Haku in the garden

If you find yourself in Japan, here are the tour dates for the show:

April 13-24, 2022 at Umeda Arts Theater (Osaka)

May 1-28, 2022 at Hakataza Theater (Fukuoka)

June 6-12, 2022 at Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru (Sapporo)

June 22-July 4, 2022 at Misonoza Theater (Nagoya)

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