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Plant school: The most helpful TikTok propagation videos

Want to grow a snake plant? TikTok can help.

Growing new plants from cuttings is a type of asexual reproduction.

The method is incredibly popular on TikTok.

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Taylor Clem, a horticulturist, is supportive of the TikTok trend.

"I think trying to get people engaged in a unique way is one of the most successful parts of it."

Succulents are the easiest to grow this way — single leaves will take root.

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Free plant hack: Scoop up loose succulent leaves from a big-box plant store.

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Snake plants are also easy to propagate, Clem tells Inverse — but it can take weeks to months.

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Beyond plant cuttings and leaves:

You can also grow new fruits and veggies using scraps from store-bought food.


"Be prepared for failure — it's not always going to work," Clem says.

Even if you're doing everything right "plants don't read textbooks."

But don't be afraid to try!

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