Zaiser’s ‘electrocycle’ promises a whopping 300 miles of range

But we're skeptical it will see the light of day.

A company called Zaiser Motors have unveiled an electric motorcycle with a promise range of 300 mile...
Zaiser Motors
The Zaiser Electrocycle.Zaiser Motors

A new entrant into the burgeoning market for electric motorcycles, a company called Zaiser has introduced its first bike, the “Electrocycle” it hopes to sell for $25,000.

Zaiser Motors

Electric motorcycles offer advantages over traditional gas variants, like a smooth ride and increased power (and of course, zero emissions).

But batteries remain a challenge as the fundamentals of chemistry (and power-to-weight ratios) mean you can only fit so much juice within a motorcycle’s frame.


So Zaiser’s claim of 300-mile range is compelling. Other electric motorcycles on the market today top out between 200-250 miles on a charge. And that’s driving at less than the Electrocycle’s top speed of 120mph. It’s doubtful it could hit the promised range at consistently high speeds.

Though, Zaiser says the battery in its bike will be 17.3 kWh — that’s quite large, and the bike’s frame does indeed feature a long section in the center where the battery and motor would go.

Zaiser Motors

“The unaddressed market: Young Urbanities who want a clean escape pod from the city, with enough power to take them on an adventure and back again safely and stylishly.”

Zaiser Motors

On that last point, the Electrocycle isn’t exactly stylish...

Zaiser Motors

It does have other things going for it, though:

- Auto stabilization

- Fast-charging capabilities with a removable battery

- All-wheel drive via dual hub motors for traction control

Anadolu Agency/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Whether Zaiser can bring a bike to market with the promised specs for $25,000 is a big “if.” The company is promising a production released in 2022 but it’s currently crowdfunding the development of the bike.

And what you’re buying is equity, meaning there’s no guarantee you’ll get a bike or your money back. Crowdfunding doesn’t exactly have a great reputation for success.

Zaiser Motors

Zaiser has raised $40,000 towards its $500,000 goal. If it raises the needed funding, maybe it can spend some of it on design changes to make it a little more visually appealing.

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