Watch this YouTuber hack together a suitcase-sized portable desktop

Somehow DIY Perks managed to achieve power and portability with this genius PC hybrid.

Things built to be all-in-one are typically not very good — not in shampoo, not in vacations, and definitely not when it comes to technology. Then again, most of those all-in-one things are not built by skilled YouTubers with a knack for unique, creative design.

RE: DIY Perks’ “transforming PC”

This portable desktop PC is the creation of YouTuber Matthew Perks — who we’ve covered previously for making a “breathing” PC — and packs a ridiculously impressive amount of power into a build that’s almost impossibly portable.

The novel form factor, which features built-in, fold-out LCD monitors, definitely steals the show here, but what’s even more impressive is the way Perks was able to achieve the design without falling victim to overheating.

To aid in dispensing with all that heat, Perks made the PC water-cooled and added several radiators from Alphacool in addition to dozens of tiny Noctua fans.

16 TB

Don't worry about any externals here, Perks' portable desktop has plenty of storage.


And as for portability? Well, there’s a trusty strap for carrying the Absolute Unit to your desired location and some retractable legs for setting the PC hybrid to your desired height. It also plugs into a battery for off-the-grid usage.

The screens actually support a 144Hz refresh rate for smooth viewing, and to augment the portable desktop experience even further, there’s a soundbar at the bottom with a 50Hz subwoofer.

One of the best parts about Perks’s build is that it’s not difficult to see yourself actually enjoying a piece of hardware like this. For now, however, this transforming PC is one of a kind — or at least until Razer catches wind.

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