Watch this drone capture Tesla's latest Cybertruck on a real track run

A welcome sight for anyone excited about Tesla's polygonal power truck.

Fans of Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck just got a whole lot of new eye candy.

In a video posted to YouTube, a drone captured what appears to be the latest Cybertruck prototype taking real laps around a test track.

Chile Al100 via YouTube

While it’s difficult to tell what’s changed on the truck prototype, if anything, one eagle-eyed Twitter user did spot one interesting thing: three little lights on the EV’s front end which are only required for vehicles that are more than 80” wide. That’s a very big truck.

Though it’s encouraging to see the Cybertruck in the flesh after the delay announced by Tesla this year, the track run definitely appears to be a relatively tentative one — at least by Cybertruck standards. Also this blue tape definitely smacks of prototype.

This thing is long.

Clearly the Cybertruck still has a decent road ahead until it’s ready to turn heads IRL — Tesla has said the electric vehicle is slated for sometime in late 2022. But even a video is enough to keep anticipation alive, blue tape and all.

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