tvOS 14: The 6 new features that take Apple TV to the next level

The Apple TV is about to become an even more powerful part of your at-home experience. Here's what to expect.

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6. HomeKit video cameras

What it is: Apple TV can now show you video camera feeds when someone is at the door, linking up with products already using Apple's HomeKit platform.

Why it's cool: This feature turns Apple's big-screen experience into personal surveillance TV — which should help users became way less paranoid... or more.


5. YouTube in 4K

What it is: The Apple TV can now play YouTube videos back in 4K. This is because the system now supports the VP9 codec that YouTube uses to deliver these high-resolution videos.

Why it's cool: This was a glaring omission from earlier versions of the Apple TV, forcing avid YouTube fans to consider other products.

4. HomeKit scenes

What it is: The Apple TV will now allow you to manage HomeKit-enabled smart devices from an overlay menu.

Why it's cool: Users will now be able to choose from a variety of scenes that bring a home's smart devices together. Time for a movie? Set a special movie scene to dim the lights.


3. Better game support

What it is: The Apple TV now offers expanded multi-user support for players to pick up where they left off, switching users through an on-screen overlay, and support for the Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers.

Why it's cool: With Apple Arcade cementing itself as a key service on the system, users will be able to make the most of the service's wealth of games.

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2. Screensaver selection

What it is: Yes, you're mesmerized by Apple's breathtaking screensavers — and now you'll have the option to choose which one you'll see.

Why it's cool: Have you ever seen one of the Apple TVs famous flyovers and wanted to back and see it again? Now you have some control over the experience.

1. Picture in picture

What it is: Apple already offered PIP in its Apple TV app, but now it's bringing the feature to everywhere you watch video on the device.

Why it's cool: Want to browse apps but keep the game on? Want to check out the news while you're waiting for a press briefing to start? Do you have ADHD and just need more stimulation? PIP will solve all your woes.

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