Segway's Ninebot Air T15 is a lightweight scooter to take everywhere

The price is pleasingly light, too.

E-scooters are everywhere. Some love them, while others think they're a dangerous nuisance. Segway's Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 seems to be the kind of scooter meant to allay the worries and criticisms of the second crowd. Its makers say it's the most compact, lightweight, and environmentally friendly KickScooter out there.

The Air T15 is made with aluminum-magnesium alloy, which gives it a light-but-durable feel. That also means it's corrosion-resistant, can carry up to 220.5 lbs, and can be easily recycled.

The Air T15's retractability is key for what its creators call a "hassle-free user experience like no other."

The scooter's foldability and weight mean you can take it pretty much anywhere. There's a retractable handlebar, four riding modes, a bezel-less digital dashboard, front and rear lights, and Bluetooth connectivity for changing settings... like the color of the LED strip up front.

There's no throttle. Instead, you choose your speed by how fast you push off. And when it comes to charging, the included packaging doubles as a vertical or horizontal charging dock. Meanwhile, the footbrake doubles as the power switch.

23 lbs

How much the Air T15 weighs.

Manufacturers add that the Air T15's maximum speed is 12.4 mph. Not bad, not bad at all.


How much it'll cost to get your hands on the Super Early Bird Single Pack offer.

Don't forget your helmet!

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