Rolling Square’s ‘Edge’ literally sticks your phone to your laptop

Never choose between your laptop and phone again. Choose both instead.

Swiss design firm Rolling Square has created a device to connect your phone to your laptop or tablet. Like, to physically connect them, so they create a super device of sorts.

This is the Edge.

Pre-order one on Indiegogo for €16 (~$20)

Edge sticks to the back of your laptop (or tablet) like this...

And then connects to your phone using the magnets in its charging coil.

It even supports wireless charging.

Compatible with MagSafe iPhones and any Android phones that support wireless charging.

(via the Edge Wireless Charger, sold as part of an accessory bundle.)

You can mount a special light to the Edge, too, for perfect video call lighting.

Rolling Square calls it the “all-in-one work-from-home kit.”


Total contributions to the Edge Indiegogo campaign so far.


Edge is compatible with, well, just about any device. Just don’t stick and un-stick it too much; the company says the suction will decrease over time if you do.

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