This artist repurposes retro gadgets as canvases for pixel art

Old Macbooks and Nokia cell phones become mediums for Pinot's art.

Old tech, even gadgets that are painfully out of date, still have a lot of value. For many people, old phones, dusty laptops, and clunky consoles are an excuse to reminisce about devices of yore.

For artist Pinot Ichwandardi, that same tech is more than just a vestige or an excuse to take a trip through memory lane, it's a canvas for new creations.

Using an array of old devices (including some that are about four decades old), Ichwandardi creates pixel art that breathes new life into forgotten machinery. The results are fun to watch...

This Palm Ille
This old Nokia 3315 reminding you to wear a mask
A Macintosh SE with some Star Wars art

Ichwandardi's creations are not only fun to watch but a testament to the artist's ability to work within a constrained medium. The art, which often includes motion of some kind, can only use a small number of pixels and maybe several dozen frames.

Even if you're not particularly piqued by Ichwandardi's art, his work, documented on Twitter and Instagram, is a treasure trove of old gadgets and formats, including...

This Commodore 64 computer
This footage of Times Square shot on a JVC camcorder.

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