CES 2021

Moorebot's Scout is an adorable home sentry robot

This little bot is always watching.

A CES tradition

It wouldn't be CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, without a fleet of dubiously-useful robots making their debut. This year we're introduced to Moorebot's new Scout, a home security robot that's a little cuter than your typical Terminator.

The Moorebot Scout

This tiny little friend has a 1080p camera (with night vision, apparently), four-wheel drive with omni-directional wheels, and a Wi-Fi connection. It's apparently compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The company pitches the device for home monitoring and pet companionship.

Voice commands for when you need to command your bot, but can't reach your smartphone?

Target your daughter like the puppy-petting, cookie-stealing criminal she is.

Can it climb? No.

It should be obvious, but the Scout cannot get up on tables or onto beds as shown in the video without some kind of tiny, hilarious ramp system.

Can you program it? Yes.

What it lacks in vertical traversal the Scout makes up for by being user-programmable. Kids can use Scratch and experts can use C to extend Scout's capabilities.

Is this thing real?

Usually robots shown at CES are "coming soon" but actually never ship to consumers for a variety of reasons. There's no telling whether Moorebot will actually ship you a Scout, but you can buy one on the company's website right now for $179.00

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