A 40-year journey through Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft's flight simulator video game is perhaps one of the most iconic video game series in the world, and a new video captures its advancement.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator is Microsoft's longest-running software product line, predating Windows by three years. The newest version, released in August, offers over two trillion trees and 37 thousand airports.

A new YouTube video documents its progress from its humble beginnings back in 1982...

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Very humble beginnings.

Version 2.0, released in 1984, made much-needed improvements – like color!

Version 3.0, four years later, brought more detail to the design...

It wasn't until 5.0 in 1993 that the cockpit started to look more realistic.

By Flight Simulator 2000, released in 1999, fans were able to simulate iconic flights in impressive 3D graphics.

Flight Simulator 2004 marked 100 years since the Wright Brothers' first flight by letting fans try out aircraft like that for themselves.

The newest version, simply titled "Flight Simulator," is the most realistic in the series yet.

With visuals like these, the sky's the limit for flight fans.

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