Watch a tiny preview of a very, very tiny EV

The Microlino fits two people, but only if you're okay getting uncomfortably close.

Electric vehicles now come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, but few of them can be described by the words, “bubble car” or “incredibly tiny.”

The Microlino, however, definitely fits both of those descriptions.

In a new preview, Micro Mobility Systems, a Swiss EV company, showed off the most recent prototype of its very, very micro EV — the aptly named, Microlino 2.0.

As noted by Electrek, the Microlino differs from its predecessor in a couple of key ways, including the addition of a fourth wheel — the first iteration was a three-wheeler (with one wheel at the back).


Not a bad price for a pretty versatile electric commuter car.

The Microlino 2.0 also has LED light bars on the front and back which integrates headlights and turn signals into the design and an entirely new frame compared to the original.

56 mph

Top speed clocks in just under 60 mph.


4 hours

The Microlino 2.0 will apparently be able to charge on a house plug in just four hours.


124 miles

On a single charge.


This tiny EV still has a little way to go before it finds its way to the road. According to the company, the Microlino’s third prototype is already under construction and prototypes four and five will follow. After that, the Microlino can get approved for production.

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