This Tamagotchi dolphin helps you hack like a pro

Flipper Zero is a cute little gadget that contains everything you need to probe and test your digital environment.

Listen, Dolphins are smart, but if you told us that in the year 2021 they'd happily be helping us hack into digital systems with the push of a button we'd probably laugh you out the room faster than you can say, "Ecco."

But here we are on the other side of the wildest and potentially worst year of many people's lives to tell you that, yes, you can indeed buy a digital dolphin designed to help you hack things.

Meet, Flipper Zero.

"Flipper Zero is an electronic tool that has a curious character of a cyber dolphin who really loves to hack. The dolphin grows while you interact with digital systems in real life and he does it in his very own manner. Your actions will build his personality and he will always have fun and comment on them in his unique style."

The Flipper Zero team

"Flipper Zero" a product born from Kickstarter, is a multi-use tool modeled after a Tamagotchi that enlists the help of a dolphin avatar to help you test and analyze digital systems around you.

The layout of Flipper Zero is pretty simple: there's a directional pad and a centered select button accompanied by a small orange-tinted display and an "exit/back" button.

In that simplicity lies a lot of functionality, however. A host of technologies housed inside this tiny fab allows wielders to remotely execute simple exploits that can emulate remotes – like the kind you use to open garage doors or air conditioners – or even capture and record radio signals which can be analyzed later on with a proper computer.

You can also use Flipper Zero to mimic ID cards like the kind you might need to access the building in which you work. You can also trade that access to others who have the tool.

"If you become flabby and lazy, Flipper will let you know. And oh boy, you better not piss him off, as this cyber dolphinius will not stop until you please all of his hacking needs so keeping Flipper happy is a great challenge."

Flipper Zero Team

The gadget is also open source, meaning its abilities can easily be expanded by other users in the Flipper Zero community – a constituency that is about to be fairly sizable according to the amount of money that funneled into the product's Kickstarter.

$5 M

Flipper Zero blew past its original goal of $60,000 to hit $5 million.


Flipper Zero will start shipping next month to the more than 32,000 backers that have already supported the project.

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