CES 2022

Kohler's smart bathtub magically fills itself using voice commands

You won't know true power until you can shout your own tub into filling with water.

You can bark orders at just about any gadget these days; your fridge, your TV, speakers, ovens, your poor unsuspecting lights, and now, finally, the wettest frontier — your own bathtub.

For a hefty sum of $2,700, Kohler’s smart home tech, showcased at CES 2022, lets you link your bathtub with your preferred voice assistant, meaning you can start a bath from basically anywhere.

Using a combination of PerfectFill (Kohler’s own proprietary technology) and digital valves, you can imbue your tub with smart capabilities that allow you to heat a bath to your liking and fill it to your desired level.

If baths aren’t in your future, the technology can also be used to activate your shower for a more practical cleaning experience.

For a more luxury bathing experience, you can also buy a whole spa bath, called the Stillness Bath, from Kohler that incorporates not only the PerfectFill technology and valves but ambient lighting, fog, and aromas for good measure.

A premium version adds an overflow element that trickles water into a Japanese, Onsen-style wood base. There’s no price on the premium version yet, but we assume you’ll have to rob more than a few banks.


Turns out relaxation is pretty costly.

While PerfectFill is available today, Kohler’s standard spa bath will be purchasable for order in Q1 this year, while the more expensive models are coming down the road. You can stay updated on availability here.

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