Juiced announces a fat-tire electric bike for teens

The RipRacer is small, mighty, and being marketed toward first time riders.

Juiced is making sure adults aren’t the only ones getting in on the electric bike fun.

This week Juiced, a bike company based out of San Diego, unveiled the RipRacer — a fat-tire electric bike made for teens.

While RipRacer is “fun-sized” according to Juiced, it will still have some pretty serious abilities. A less powerful version will top out at 20 mph, while a more powerful tier will max at...

28 mph

Not bad for a "kids bike."

67 lbs

RipRacer is also Juiced's lightest bike.

RipRacer will also have some other nifty perks like improved water resistance and a battery charging dock that allows other gadgets to be charged using the RipRacer’s battery. Juiced is also including an integrated Apple AirTag so you can locate it in the event it gets stolen (or somehow lost).

A cadence sensor on the bike will enable pedal-assist, though the bike can also be operated using the throttle.


The RipRacer's tires are 20-inches. Not the fattest fat-tire bike, but pretty hefty.

Neither version of the RipRacer will be cheap necessarily (the lower speed version will cost $1,399 while the higher speed version will cost $1,599) but for the specs and amount of features, this electric bike feels more than sufficient for a teen dipping their toes into electric mobility.

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