Hyundai’s radical Ioniq 5 EV makes Tesla look outdated

Elon Musk is getting some pretty serious competition in the electric vehicle market.

Turns out Tesla isn't the only company making electric vehicles sexy. This week, Hyundai showed off the design of its Ioniq 5, an all-electric SUV with some pretty eye-catching cyberpunk influences.

Just look at this thing...

Hyundai's Ioniq 5 is part of its plans to roll out at least three, next-gen fully-electric vehicles this year and next.

Like Tesla's sedans and SUVs, the Ioniq 5 will come with both a regular and long-range option. Hyundai says the standard model will come equipped with a 58 kWh battery while a long-range version will sport a 72.6 kWh pack.

Customers will also be able to choose from either a two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive option of the Ioniq 5, the latter of which (when coupled with the long-range battery) will be able to go from 0 to 60 mph in about 5 seconds. Both the AWD and 2WD iterations will have long range options.


Hyundai says a two-wheel drive Ioniq 5 with a and 72.6-kWh battery have a range of around 300 miles.


Charging-wise, the Ioniq 5 will support both 400V and 800V charging and won't require any adapters.

18 mins

Hyundai says a 350-kW charger will get the Ioniq 5 from 10 to 80 percent charge in just under 20 mins.



Hyundai hasn't revealed the price of the Ioniq 5, but the SUV is expected to start at around $30,000.


If you're a fan of the Ioniq 5's exterior, you'll probably enjoy the inside of the SUV as well, which has a centered 12-inch display and living-room-like spaciousness.

Hyundai really wants you to feel at home in this cabin...

While there's no talk of self-driving features (point for Tesla in that case), Hyundai mentions a "solar roof." Details are scarce, but the company suggests it will help bolster battery life and increase range (on sunny days, at least).

Hyundai also says an augmented reality feature will digitally project information onto the windshield like a head-up display (HUD) does. As with a HUD, the idea is to keep drivers looking at the road, not infotainment displays.


Hyundai says that the Ioniq 5 will be available in the "first half" of this year.

The Ioniq 5 isn't the only EV Hyundai has waiting in the wings. As part of the Ioniq series, the automaker will also be releasing the Ioniq 6 sedan in 2022, and a larger SUV, the Ioniq 7, in 2024.

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