Huge leak shows off iPhone 13

A new camera layout is the latest in a long list of iPhone 13 leaks. We’re only about two months away from Apple announcing new iPhones in September.

iPhone 13 dummy models with new camera layout
Sonny Dickson

With nonstop leaks that began as soon as the iPhone 12 launched, we know a lot about the iPhone 13.

🎥: Justin Tse

Justin Tse

The latest leak from Sonny Dickson (via MacRumors) shows an iPhone 13 lineup that hardly deviates from the iPhone 12 family. While the images are of dummy phones, there is one big difference that Apple fanboys will spot immediately: the different camera placement on the standard and mini iPhone 13.

📷: MacRumors

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Diagonal Cameras

Instead of having both cameras in a vertical lineup, they will reportedly be set up in a diagonal configuration. It’s not clear as to why that is yet.

Sonny Dickson

Assuming the leaked images are somewhat accurate, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will keep their triple-lens camera system, with the smaller of the two having a thicker camera bump. It’s also possible that the ultra-wide camera on both of these phones will receive an upgrade.

📷: MacRumors



It’s been speculated that all phones will be slightly thicker and feature larger camera bumps. It’s possible Apple is making the iPhone 13 bulkier to accommodate sensor-shift stabilization (a feature currently exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro Max).

Justin Tse


ProMotion displays might be coming to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.


Digitimes reported (via MacRumors) back in April that 120Hz refresh rate is being made possible thanks to new low-power LTPO displays, which are already on phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra (shown) and the OnePlus 9 Pro. This would be the first time an iPhone gets a display with a high-refresh rate.


It’s estimated that the iPhone 13 models will consume 15 to 20 percent less power, which could be due to a larger battery or the new A15 chip.


Unlike last year, the iPhone 13 lineup is expected to launch in September. No delays this year!

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