Huge leak shows off Google Pixel Watch

After years of anticipation, the Pixel Watch may actually launch early next year. It about time.

Google Pixel Watch rumored for 2022
Jon Prosser x Rendersbyian

Google’s long rumored Pixel Watch might finally be on the verge of release.

Jon Prosser x Rendersbyian

Better late than never

According to Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, who obtained leaked images of the device, Google is working towards an imminent release of a Pixel Watch, which is internally being referred to by its codename: Rohan.

It’s still slim pickings in regards to specific details and specs, but this is the closest we’ve been to a real Pixel Watch in years.

Jon Prosser x Rendersbyian

Leaks suggest the Pixel Watch has a round bezel-less design and will have proprietary bands. In my opinion, the leaked design of the Pixel Watch is exactly what I’ve wanted from a smartwatch for a while now.

Jon Prosser x Rendersbyian

Fitness tracking

It’s also been reported that the watch will have heart rate and step tracking — standard features for a smartwatch. Additionally, Google is reportedly working to integrate the Fitbit platform onto Wear OS 3, which may make it possible to use Fitbit’s advanced tracking and logging features over Google Fit.

Jon Prosser x Rendersbyian

This being a Google-made wearable, the device will likely sport the Wear OS 3 platform. It was co-developed by Google and Samsung, uniting the wearable operating systems to create a unified Android wearable platform. So far, it’s been a hit, though it’s yet to launch on other devices besides the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.


Powered by Snapdragon?

What chip will power the Pixel Watch will likely make or break the device. After reviewing the Fossil Gen 6, I was underwhelmed by the Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus. The sluggish chip held the eye-catching watch from truly shining. With the Pixel 6 now using Google Tensor silicon, there’s hope Google will opt for a custom chip, but that’s just a wishlist item.

Front Page Tech

Since the launch of the Apple Watch, there’s yet to be an Android watch that is as good or better. The Galaxy Watch 4 has come close, but still not quite full parity. The Pixel Watch is reportedly going after the Apple Watch, with a price to match. It’s been speculated that the watch will be priced higher than current Fitbit offerings.

Front Page Tech

Q1 2022

Rumored launch date for Pixel Watch

Jon Prosser x Rendersbyian

Though the watch was supposed to have launched with the Pixel 6, it was delayed due to the chip shortage, Prosser said in his video. Now, the launch is reportedly slated for Q1 2022 meaning it might only be a matter of months before we finally have a real Apple Watch competitor.

Jon Prosser x Rendersbyian

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