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For $25, this smart clock could save your mental health

Stop the endless scrolling and get some good sleep with one voice command.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential night light

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential doesn't have a touchscreen like the original, but then again, you don't really need another distraction in the bedroom.

Get a smart clock so you don't have to tap buttons. Instead, you can say, "Hey Google, Goodnight."


That one command can start a Google Assistant routine to turn off the lights, set an alarm, dim the clock display, and help you relax with "rainforest sounds."

Basically, you don't have to get up to get ready for bed. A smart clock makes it easy to put down your phone, stop scrolling through TikTok, and hit the hay.

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"Our sister site Inverse reviewed this lil guy. Read this to learn how it improved one editor's mental health."


It's not science. Less screen time and more sleep could do everyone some good.


There's a built-in night light, too.

Don't snooze on this deal

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential usually sells for $50. Lucky for you, it's currently 50 percent off and only $25 at Best Buy.

Buy at Best Buy - $24.99

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