Dell's futuristic new concepts tackle remote work and sustainability

Dell's debuting four concepts ahead of CES, which could change how we work in the future.

Ahead of CES, Dell is rethinking its future with a few interesting new concepts that take aim at improving work from home and sustainability. Among those ventures is an eco-focused, modular laptop called...

Concept Luna modular laptop

Concept Luna

Like the Framework Laptop and the MNT Reform, the Concept Luna is a modular laptop, which can be easily repaired and its parts recycled and replaced. While the laptop was not designed for sale, Dell says if the idea were realized into a full product, there could be a significant reduction in the overall product carbon footprint.



Amount by which carbon footprint if Concept Luna gets made.


The laptop reduces its carbon footprint by shrinking the motherboard down by 75 percent, using 20 percent fewer components. It also moves the motherboard away from the battery and closer to the keyboard for better passive cooling, which could make a fan obsolete. Further, the aluminum chassis requires less energy to produce, being made with hydro power a stamped aluminum construction.



The keyboard is a single piece that can be easily removed, which makes it possible to access the internals within moments. Once inside, the laptop was designed with 10 times fewer screws than other Dell laptops, a design choice that cuts down time to fix and replace parts by a wide margin. Paired with a long-lasting and easily replaceable battery, as well as a PCB made out of eco-friendly materials, the Concept Luna laptop is a holistic approach to reusable tech that I hope becomes the norm.


Future work

Apart from selling to consumers, Dell is a big supplier of businesses, which is why it’s also developing several concepts that could change how we approach work. It’s part of Dell's Seamless Work Experiences initiative, which aims to provide products for a workforce that’s increasingly doing work outside the office.


Concept Pari

After Dell launched arguably one of the best high-end webcam this year, it’s reimagining what the future can be. Concept Pari is a wireless webcam that can be placed anywhere on a compatible monitor, including the dead-center of the screen for direct eye contact. The camera is tiny, weighing less than an AirPods case, and is able to transmit 1080p video over Wi-Fi. When not being used, it charges wirelessly via the dock and can be reversed as it charges for privacy.



The weight of the Concept Pari webcam.


Concept Stanza

This tablet device is designed specifically for taking notes. It’s an 11-inch slate with a pen that’s the digital equivalent of a notebook. It has no speakers, cameras, or ports. The included pen has a microphone for transcribing, and it can turn your handwriting into text by double-tapping. While the iPad and Apple Pen are a great duo for note-taking, the barebones Concept Stanza has fewer ways to be distracted, and the thin bezels look so good.

Concept Flow

Finally, Concept Flow is a blend of software and hardware technologies that simplify work across many devices in different locations. In theory, Concept Flow can start up your computer with proximity sensors, connect all peripherals, hook up to the network via Wi-Fi 6E docking technology, and keep your laptop juiced with wireless charging. And when you walk away, Concept Flow’s proximity sensors can shut down your setup so that you can continue where you left off at home, the office, or on the go.

Big ideas

Undoubtedly, Dell’s vision of the future is exciting, and I’m looking forward to having a laptop I can reuse until it turns to dust. But, like any concept, whether we’ll see these products in the future is a toss-up.


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