Check out Mercedes-Benz's new EQT all-electric minivan

The concept van has three rows of seats, good looks, and planet-saving credentials.

Mercedes-Benz EQT all-electric concept van.

In the last year or so, Mercedes-Benz has devoted some serious resources to expanding its lineup of all-electric vehicles.

This week the company unveiled a new concept minivan called the EQT.

“It will appeal to families and all those private customers, whatever their age, who enjoy leisure activities and need a lot of space and maximum variability without forgoing comfort and style.”

Marcus Breitschwerdt, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t provided many details about the car’s engine or other power specs — it is just a concept, after all.

But we do know the EQT is 194.5 inches long – nearly 10 inches shorter than Chrysler’s popular Pacifica minivan.

Somehow Mercedes-Benz still managed to pack seven full seats in there. Plenty for a family.

The dash panel is sleek, futuristic, and definitely screams Mercedes-Benz.

It might be smaller than the classic minivan, but there’s still plenty of room in the trunk.

The only bad news: there’s no word yet on when the EQT will be available for purchase. But gas and diesel versions (part of Merc’s new “T-Class” range) will launch in Europe sometime in 2022.

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