Airbus unveiled three new hydrogen plane concepts

The aviation giant revealed new images of its concepts set to soar in the future.

Airbus has dreamed up a new line of eco-friendly planes called the "ZEROe.' The concepts are all powered by hydrogen, and all could start ferrying passengers by 2035 according to the company.

That could mean that, instead of greenhouse gases, the planes emit water vapor...



That's a big improvement over current planes. Atmosfair data found that a flight from London to New York emits 2,173 pounds of carbon dioxide per passenger.


One of the concepts...

is a a turbofan version that can carry 120 to 200 people over 2,000 nautical miles, meaning it could support transcontinental trips.

There's a turboprop version (pictured) that can hold up to 100 passengers and can travel more than 1,000 nautical miles.

The most futuristic is the blended wing body, which has a similar range to the turbofan concept and can hold up to 200 passengers.

It's going to take some time before you'll be able to fly in one of these. Airbus notes that it will require support from governments and airports for new refueling infrastructure given the planes' reliance on hydrogen.

It's not the first such plane concept. Wright Electric unveiled plans in 2017 for a 150-passenger all-electric airplane that could fly 300 miles.

Wright Electric

Airbus previously worked with Audi and Italdesign on the Pop.Up Next, a concept vehicle that could transform from airplane to car.

If these planes are any indication, the future of flight could get a lot greener.

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