Vollebak's newest puffer glows in the dark

This winter jacket helps you hold on to heat and sunlight.

Double bright

Vollebak's newest jacket is called the Solar Charged Puffer, and you wouldn't know it by looking at it in the daytime, but this jacket is constantly putting away solar energy for later.

How it works

According to Vollebak, there's an ultra-thin polyurethane membrane right below the surface that contains phosphorescent compounds, similar to those in other glow-in-the-dark products.

“When it’s fully charged, in the dark it glows green like kryptonite. As well as being a cool party trick, it can also be life-saving on a mountain. No search team would ever fly past a human-sized firefly." - Vollebak co-founder Nick Tidball

That scenario seems a little fanciful, but Vollebak's jacket is highly visible, has a waterproof outer shell, and looks to have pretty nice detailing in the zippers and pockets. Plus the cuffs are reinforced with Cordura for extra durability.


All of Vollebak's products are, let's say, premium.

Synthetic Down

If you aren't into the idea of insulating yourself with bird feathers (even if they're theoretically responsibly sourced), you'll be happy to hear that Vollebak's Solar Charged Puffer uses synthetic insulation.

Most synthetic insulation or "synesthetic down" is heavier and slightly less effective than real down (especially the high grade stuff), meaning that you have to use more of it. And indeed, the jacket is quite heavy at 1,650 grams, so it's certainly possible that the jacket is as warm as Vollebak says it is.


The theoretical thermal limit of the Solar Charged Puffer.

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