The Nike-inspired kicks of 'Dorohedoro'

Warning! Spoilers for Netflix's anime adaptation of the beloved manga ahead.

Nike-inspired sneakers in the Netflix anime series 'Dorohedoro'.

Netflix released its original anime adaptation of Dorohedoro back in May, and it's great. The story takes place in a magical (and gory) world of humans and sorcerers.

Q Hayashida, the author of the manga, obviously has a thing for drawing shoes. In the manga she draws a wider variety, but in the Netflix adaptation, all the main characters wear shoes that are let's say... inspired by classic Nikes.

All the kicks in Netflix's "Dorohedoro"


The series introduces us to Caiman and Nikaido right off the bat. She has a gyoza restaurant called The Hungry Bug and she kicks major ass. Literally.

To my eyes, Nikaido's sneaks look like Nike Dunk lows, or maybe a pair of Air Force 1s if you squint hard enough.

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Dorohedoro's main character is huge man with a lizard head. Very silly, loves gyoza. Best boy.

In the first season, Caiman swaps between dark and light outfits, so he has light and dark Dunks to match. In a few scenes he wears a pair of classic Jordan 1s.

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Shin is a "cleaner" for the top sorcerer, En. Despite ostensibly being a "bad guy" and a serial killer, Shin has a heart of gold. Best friend of Noi.

Shin's kicks look like a combination of classic Jordan 1s and low Dunks Retro. Big, chunky shoes are perfect for my large adult son.

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Noi is also a cleaner for En, and even though she is a gigantic woman with huge muscles, she is precious and should be protected at all costs.

In her ass-kicking outfit, Noi wears what look to be blue suede Air Force 1s. Later in season, though, Noi wears a pair of Louboutins.

Dorohedoro has a lot of action and intrigue, but its relaxed attitude is a breath of fresh air. There are stakes, but the tone never stays serious for too long. You'll fall in love with all the characters (even the bad ones) and at 12 episodes, it's extremely binge-able.

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