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Nike SB's 'Turdunken' sneaker: A Thanksgiving feast for your feet

This Concepts collaboration is *chef's kiss* — especially with the special box edition.

For one of its latest collaborations, Nike teamed up with Boston retailer Concepts on the SB Dunk High "Mallard," a pair of sneakers designed after the seasonal "turducken" dish.

A turducken is a deboned chicken stuffed in a deboned duck, which is then stuffed in a deboned turkey. Yup.

Glenn Koenig/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

While Nike SB and Concepts are officially dubbing these sneakers the Mallard, they're also known as the "TurDUNKen." Get it? Because they're a turducken in the form of a Dunk. Nice.

The Turdunkens dropped on Nike's SNKRS app on November 23, where they sold out in seconds.

Days before that, Concepts launched them with a wild special box you're about to see, which included chicken-themed socks, a turkey drawing, and a custom Nerf vortex "turkey leg" football — all inside a packaging that looks like an oven. Incredible.

Even those who were lucky on the SNKRS app won't get this special box, as it was limited to the Concepts release.

Limited-edition box aside, the Nike SB x Concepts Turdunkens feature details designed to mimic the appearance of a male mallard duck, such as iridescent Swoosh logos.

You'll also notice luxury fabrics around the upper, including plush leather, fuzzy suede, and a thick feathered material — each intended to pay homage to our mallard friends.

If you missed out on these, you can find them on apps like GOAT. Just be ready to pay a premium for them.

Nike's Turdunken sneakers in a flame-printed box

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