Insta360 Go 2 review: A tiny and ingenious action cam

Inspired design, intuitive software, and a flexible selection of accessories justify the price tag... but don’t expect epic battery life.

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Not a 360-cam

Insta360 is best known for its pricey (but excellent) 360 cams, the prosumer grade One X, its amusingly named successor, the One X2, and a pile of high-end, super expensive, professional 360 rigs.

However, it also makes action cams, including a modular one called the One R, and a dinky one called the Go 2.

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The Go 2 is seriously compact and weighs a mere 26.5g (0.93oz). Even when it’s in its brilliant, multi-function, AirPods Pro-sized charging case (more on this later), it only weighs 63.5g (2.24oz).

Those diminutive dimensions make it easy to put in unusual places.

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Yeah, it's waterproof

Down to 13 feet (4m) without a case. But the charging case isn’t, so don’t get that wet.

Smart accessories

Insta360 sells the Go 2 with various accessories kits, but each include the same core items:

– The multifunction charging case

– A magnetic pendant

– The “pivot stand” / sticky mount

– An “easy clip” for caps, lapels, headbands, etc.

The Go 2 has magnets in it, which enables it to securely connect to each accessory, like the magnetic pendant that turns it into a body cam.

FPV your life...

...even if it’s raining

Incredible stabilization

One of Insta360’s claims to fame is its “FlowState Stabilization” that smooths out everything from first-person footage, to handheld shots, to footage from moving vehicles.

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Not just for charging

The case is downright ingenious. Aside from charging the Go 2, it can act as a mini tripod, attach to a full-sized one, or serve as a remote control for the camera.

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There’s a USB-C port for charging and wired data transfer

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And the case has physical controls for recording or switching modes and a display for checking settings.

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A button on the actual camera below the lens allows for single-press shooting, and the lens guard can be replaced or swapped with (optional) ND filters.

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The Go 2 is good for about 20 minutes of video to a charge when it’s out of the case, but that jumps to 110 minutes when in it... which is perfect for long timelapses.

Editing clips with the accompanying app takes a little practice, but it’s surprisingly potent when you get the hang of it. Alternatively, Insta360 makes desktop software, too.

Included tutorials make getting to grips with what’s possible easy enough.

In addition to trimming clips and adding music or filters, you can adjust your field-of-view from ultrawide to linear or narrow after the fact.

Or use the built-in “AI Trim” to create an auto-generated highlights reel.

🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈

For some sample audio, tap the speaker icon in the next pair of videos

🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈

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Sound on 🔈

Sound on 🔈

The key specs:

Storage — 32GB (~28 usable)

Aperture — f/2.2

ISO — 100-3,200

Codec — H.264

35mm equiv — 11.24mm

Sensor — 1/2.3-inch

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Pro mode — 2,56 0 x 1,440 / up to 50fps

Timelapse — 2,560 x 1,440 / up to 30fps

HDR — 2,560 x 1,440 / at 24fps or 35fps

Slow-mo — 1,920 x 1,080 / 120fps

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The price of the basic Insta360 Go 2 kit.

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— Super compact portable

— Very flexible and discreet

— Wide range of shooting modes

— Waterproof out the box

— Includes lots of accessories

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— Requires a high-end smartphone

— Data transfer can be very slow

— Limited shooting time

— App can be fiddly

— Can get really hot

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If you want to shoot 4K video for big screens with stellar audio, the Insta360 Go 2 isn’t for you.

If you want to shoot interesting, 2,560 x 1440 footage from unique angles, mostly for social media, and want a camera small enough to take everywhere, it’s almost perfect.

Plus, like us, it’s great at parties.

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