This Thing Rules

In a wireless headphone world, the Koss Porta Pros still rule

Koss' iconic headphones from 1984 is still worth buying today.

A picture of Koss' Porta Pro headphones.

When Daft Punk announced it was splitting up, naturally I was bummed. It had been a while since I listened to Random Access Memories, the group's last album, which was released all the way back in 2013.

Naturally when the news made the rounds, I wanted to spend the afternoon listening to some of my favorite Daft Punk tracks, many of which you can find here.

But I was in my feelings and may or may not have eaten an edible, so I couldn't just listen the way I normally would; on my Sony 1000XM2s or, even less ceremoniously, on my Samsung Buds+.

No, instead I decided to bust out my Koss Porta Pros like the cornball I am.

This turned out the be a fanastic idea, and I promise it wasn't just the edible talking. In the days since I've been listening to a ton of stuff on my Porta Pros because they just sound so good.

But how do they sound?

So here's how I would describe listening to the Porta Pros: The bass is warm and definitely present in the mix, but it isn't booming in the same way that bass on my 1000XM2s are. You should close to the bass drum, not inside the bass drum, and I like this a lot.

These headphones have mids and highs with pretty clear diction which is, again, chilled out compared to the immersive experience of the closed-back, noise cancelling maximalism of my 1000XM2s.



Not only are the Porta Pros good to listen to, they're great to wear. Yes, the wire is a bummer in an age of wireless headphones, but it turns out not having a battery makes the Porta Pros unusually light for over-the-ear headphones.

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Sometimes you can find Porta Pros on sale for $35.


An amazing deal?

This is not a new revelation; people have been raving about how good of a deal the Porta Pros are forever. But that was before the Bluetooth revolution. What about now?


Still fantastic.


The single flaw

Koss' Porta Pros are great, as we've established, but there is one critical design flaw that you should know about. These headphones will occasionally pull one hair straight out of your scalp.

I know that sounds painful! And it is! But it's worth it.


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