The Serial 1 is the Cadillac of e-bikes... with a price to match

If you have to ask how much, Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 is probably not the electrified bicycle for you.

We covered Harley-Davidson’s e-bike offshoot, Serial 1, ahead of its launch. And we also got to briefly ride two of its bikes in the snow last year. But this time we had the chance to test one for 10 days. This is what we discovered...

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Four horsemen

Serial 1 makes four models of e-bike (excluding one-offs like this chopper) so far.

There are three models in its commuter-focused Rush/Cty range, and the more aggressive (and cheaper) Mosh/Cty.

None of them are what you’d call cheap. So let’s get that out of the way right up front.

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The prices:

Mosh/Cty — $3,799

Rush/Cty Step-thru — $4,999

Rush/Cty Step-over — $4,999

Rush/Cty Speed — $5,599

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We tested out the $4,999 Rush/Cty Step-over in a fetching all-black finish.

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The Serial 1’s list of luxurious features is extensive...

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There’s a built-in Brose display (paired with a Brose, S Mag, mid-drive motor) and four riding modes: Eco, Tour, Sport and Boost (in ascending order of added oomph).

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And the combination of an Enviolo intelligent auto-shifting CVT hub and Gates carbon belt drive (instead of a chain) make for a throttle-free but surprisingly responsive riding experience.

Pedal hard and the bike responds accordingly. Slow your cadence and it automatically changes gears to meet you where you’re comfortable.

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How many Newton meters (Nm) of torque the Rush/Cty packs.

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...which makes for really easy overtaking.

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How many miles per hour the pedal assist tops out at (on the pricer Speed variant, that climbs to 28 mph).

Other vital stats:

• Weight — 59 lbs

• Weight limit — 280 lbs (rider + bike + cargo)

• Range — 25-115 miles

• Tires — 27.5 x 2.4-inch

• Battery — 706 Wh (removable)

• Charge time — 6.5 hours (3.5 for 0-75 percent)

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We absolutely loved the quality of the finish, the active brake / tail-light and integrated headlight, the concealed cabling, and other thoughtful touches like the glove box above the battery, the geometry, and the handling advantages that come from having both a mid-drive motor and the battery positioned next to it.

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We were also impressed (and surprised) at how well the combination of aluminum frame and fat(ish) tires made up for the lack of actual, active suspension.

And the fenders and racks made us feel like we could genuinely use the Serial 1 as a daily commute vehicle in all but the most inclement of weather.

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Really, the only things we could complain about were the weight (a non-issue if you don’t have to move the bike up or down stairs like we did) and the price.

Don’t get us wrong, the quality of the components and thoughtfulness of the design more than justify the price tag... it’s just not one we think most people considering e-bikes will be willing (or able) to pay.

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But, if you can afford it, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

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