This $60 controller is the best cheap way to play xCloud games on iPhone

The Razer Kishi might be the reigning champ, but GameSir's new X2 Bluetooth controller offers a solid, cheaper alternative.

Look, the Razer Kishi is our go-to for mobile game controllers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great alternatives on the market.


Case in point: GameSir’s new X2 Bluetooth edition, compatible with most Android and iPhones.

Responsive buttons, comfortable joysticks, and lightweight without feeling cheap — the X2 Bluetooth is a solid alternative made even more attractive by its affordability.


Although its main connectivity directions are tailored for Android phones, there’s literally only an extra button-press needed to sync an X2 with an iPhone.

I tested out the X2 using Google Stadia, with next to zero latency issues (for the controller, that is).

The buttons and joysticks all have a nice, mechanical feel to them, with satisfying trigger clicks and rubber grips on the rear that fits comfortably in your hands.


The one issue I ran into from time to time was the X2 Bluetooth’s selling point... the Bluetooth. Occasionally, the X2’s connection with my iPhone would cut out and require a reboot of the controller.

This always solved the problem and luckily never occurred during a particularly dire moment while I wandered through the Baker family’s creepy-ass swamp shack in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, but it was a semi-recurring annoyance, nonetheless.


Accessories — let’s talk about ‘em.


The X2 comes in a nifty zip-up travel case reminiscent of Game Boy totes from the ’90s and early 2000s. Inside there’s an elastic holding strap along with a charging cable and replacement joystick coverings.

Do you need the replacement joystick covers? Nah, probably not. But they’re a nice emergency replacement, if nothing else.

All told, GameSir’s new X2 Bluetooth option is a great balance for performance, design, and price. As game streaming services like xCloud and Stadia improve their reliability and latency issues, accessories like the X2 will become must-haves for gamers on the move.



Responsive, good battery life, and cheap without feeling cheap.

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