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Go away and be alone at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

Everything you need for the perfect getaway that lets you keep your distance.

When you think of Idaho, do you think of stark, almost alien fields of jet-black volcanic rock? I certainly didn't. But last summer, on my way from Colorado to Oregon, I spotted something peculiar on the map.

The place is called Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. Typically in a '52 Trips' (what you're reading now) we ask someone for the practical gear they take to a given place.

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This time, though, I want to be a bit more aspirational. It's called Craters of the Moon after all, so we're going to run with the lunar theme.

Do you need this stuff to visit a national monument in Idaho? Well, I guess that just depends on how good you want your Instagram to look.

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Inferno Cone Viewpoint

Take this short-but-steep hike up to the top to get a good view of the monument.

Picture via David Neel / AllTrails

Geodome 4 Tent

There are 51 camp sites at the Craters of the Moon campground (though the savvy traveler can find free BLM spots on the outskirts). No matter where you camp, I can't think of a more appropriate tent for this apocalyptic landscape than The North Face's Geodome 4 tent.

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Summit Pack

If you're trying to explore the monument, there's a trail that you can take up to and beyond the aforementioned viewpoint. For that you'll need a daypack, and the Summit Pack from Hyperlite Mountain Gear fits the bill functionally and thematically thanks to its white Dyneema fabric and black detailing.

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Nike ACG Air Terra Antarktik in 'Juniper Fog'

Hiking shoes are probably overkill for the short trails at Craters of the Moon, so you can get away with something a little more stylish like these Nike ACGs. The GORE-TEX will keep you dry and I love that little pop of color at the top.

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Nike Maria Sharapova x La Cortez jacket

I considered a lot of jackets with a lunar look and Nike's Maria Sharapova x La Cortez collab really stuck with me. Short and monochromatic, this jacket has the updated NASA vibe we're looking for.

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Nike ACG Cargo Pants in 'Moon Particle'

I own these pants, and they're perfect for a quick mission out into the lava flows thanks to their aggressive taper and abundance of pockets. You can find these here and there at some boutique retailers, or you can scoop up a pair on eBay like I did.

See at END.

Pelican Cooler Sling

You're going to need food, like it or not. And I'm not sure why Pelican — the company that makes the hard core equipment cases — decided to make an extremely futuristic cooler for your snacks but they did and I love it.

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Hasselblad X1D II 50C Medium Format Camera

You know those iconic images of the earth, taken from the moon? Those were taken with a Hasselblad. So in keeping with our theme, you could shoot some of Idaho's most extreme landscapes with a more modern variation, like the X1D II.

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Nite Ize Inova Flashlight

For our last item we have an extra large flashlight for adventuring in the lava caves. Who knows what you'll find in there 👽

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