The stuff fashion photographer Adam Katz Sinding can't live without

From designer eye wear to a killer road bike, Sinding knows what's good.

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Input: Tell us a little bit about your style.

Sinding: I have a Gore-tex fetish. The majority of what I own are from a very small number of brands, namely Acronym, And Wander, Byborre, Arcteryx, etc. Mostly everything is black or some dark shade of green.

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Acronym P10A-DS

These pants… unreal. Expensive as hell, but I bet you I'll have them for over a decade.

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Jaques Marie Mage sunglasses

The best quality eye wear I’ve ever seen.

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Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk

It's my road bike and it's fucking beautiful.

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MacBook Pro 16

It's fast, and helps me get my work done on time... or shortly thereafter.

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Old Joe Brand cotton beanie

It's got this uneven edge and it drives people crazy.

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Arcteryx underwear

No joke! Not Calvin Klein or Hanes. These are the BEST.

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iPhone 11 Pro

I'm totally addicted, it's sad. But at least now the camera is worthwhile.

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Santal 33

Cliché I know... but I bet I was wearing it before you. But don't worry, I'm not actually cool. I copied my friend Ariel.

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Acronym 3A-E1 bag

My bag of bags. I have this pouch in which I keep small amounts of foreign currencies in individual drug-dealer-esque ziplocks. I think I have over 40 currencies in there. Just in case. My grandfather told me to always have a $5 bill in my pocket. So that's 15 Lari in Tbilisi, right?

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Nikon camera

My camera. It's a Nikon, but that's all I'm telling you ;)

Adam Katz Sinding is a fashion and travel photographer. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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