Our favorite outdoor gear stories of 2020

We didn't go out much this year, but when we did, we did it with style.

Chris Hytha leaning against a bicycle
Chris Hytha

A weird year

If you're a hiker, cyclist, backpacker, or just someone that takes an occasional trip into the great outdoors, 2020 was probably a weird year for you. A global pandemic may have kept us off the streets, but it didn't stop a slew of great outdoor products from hitting the shelves.

So what were our favorite outdoor stories this year? Tap through to find out.

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The Santa Cruz Bullit MX

Ever see a mountain bike that just makes your head turn? Santa Cruz's Bullit MX electric mountain bike is exactly that.

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Nomad's suitcase grill

Grills. They're well-known for the delicious foods they cook, but aren't renowned for their portability. The Nomad Grill changes that.

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TentBox rooftop tents

Rooftop tents are incredible — you're way up off the ground, so even big critters can't get you, and TentBox's tent goes up in minutes. If you're the glamping type, you can't do much better than this.

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Salehe Bembury x Anta hiking shoes

Versace footwear designer, Salehe Bembury teamed up with Anta, a Chinese athletic gear company to create some seriously weird trail shoes, and we love them.

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The new Ford Bronco

Back in July, when it was considerably warmer, we all lost our collective minds over the new Ford Bronco. It's not electric, which is disappointing, but goodness gracious this truck is hot.

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Garmin InReach Mini

SpaceX might be throwing thousands of satellites into orbit to coat the world in proper internet, but until that network is ready, outdoorspeople who value their safety should look into satellite communicators like Garmin's InReach Mini.

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Guide: Bikepacking across America

Chris Hytha, an architecture student, bikepacked across the United States and took some absolutely killer photos along the way. He shared his must-have gear and some tips for surviving on the open road with us.

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Chris Hytha

The Gogoro Eeyo 1s

Electric bikes are everywhere right now, but Gogoro put out a stunning 26.4 lb road bike that's easy on the eyes, if not the wallet.

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Guide: Bikepacking the Valles Caldera

Have you ever wanted to bike into a volcano? It might have been dangerous a few million years ago, but today it's a gorgeous bikepacking destination. In this piece, we round up all the best gear for this epic excursion.

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The North Face's Futurelight

The North Face announced its Gore-Tex and eVent competitor in 2019, and in 2020 we got our hands on some. Pliable, breathable, and waterproof as hell, this jacket kept me dry in a total downpour.

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REI's Quarter Dome SL 1

Sometimes you get to a point with your gear where you have to level up. This was the year I leveled up to an ultralight tent, and I couldn't be happier.

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Danner x Nanga's insulated boots

Danner partnered with Japanese brand Nanga to create an insulated boot that looks sharp as hell and will keep your feet warm in even the most extreme conditions.

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The Anker Powerhouse II 400

Anker's Powerhouse II 400 has a name only a mother could love, but it's a powerful lithium-ion generator that's light enough to go with you on a picnic. Need something with a little more muscle? We've got you covered there, too.

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Dangle Supply titanium bong

You're an ultralight hiker, but are you an ultralight toker? You could be with Dangle Supply's titanium bong.

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Electric recumbent quad

A Chinese company named TrikExplor makes an electric 4WD recumbent quad and it looks insane.

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ACG's Gore-Tex fall collection

Nike's All Conditions Gear (ACG) division is a staple for techwear enthusiasts worldwide, and this past season's collection took inspiration from rock climbing with pieces like the Misery Ridge Gore-Tex jacket and the Rope De Dope puffer.

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Guide: The best electric scramblers

Proper e-bikes are flying off the shelves this year, but so are bikes in another emerging category: the e-scrambler. They're a mix between café racers and scramblers, and they're perfect for someone who wants something beefy that can go offroad.

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